The company recognizes that the competence of its people is a key to achieve Company Objectives, thus it has introduced the Competence Management System (CMS) to further enhance the crew knowledge by identifying gaps between competencies individual staff currently possess and those required to fulfil individual role and responsibility.

Trainings are delivered by various methods to the K Line personnel via:

  • Computer based training systems on ship and shore.
  • On Job Training – By Audit and Training Superintendents
  • Courses delivered at the K Line Maritime Academies
  • Other shore-based courses by 3rd party providers.

The CMS encompasses all the training methods under one umbrella. 

It is a comprehensive Training and Evaluation system which clearly defines the Company specific competence requirements for each rank as well as the training and assessment guidelines for achieving the desired competency.

It provides a career path to the staff by defining the competencies required to perform specific maritime roles in the career progression.

By linking human resources processes to desired competencies, the CMS is a means of ensuring that there is the right person in the right position at the right time.


The Company is committed to a continual improvement process by identifying potential weaknesses in the Quality and Safety Management System, both on board and ashore.

The Audit and Training Superintendents are the primary means to not only evaluate the implementation of the Safety Management System but also close the gaps by providing hands on training to individuals.  They are the “Floating Training Centres” of the Company.