Crew Management

“K” Line Ship Management Company’s mission is to offer the highest level of services to its customers in a safe and environmentally sound way with a commitment to continuous improvement. This is exactly what crew management in “K” Line Ship Management is entrusted to achieve. Crewing been a core fundamental and very integral part of the KLSM’s pursuit to achieve the highest operational standard, and our crews are valued highly for their contribution to this journey. 

We are responsible for vessel’s manning – recruiting, grooming and nurturing seafarers in our own K-Line Maritime training academies located across the world. Crew seminars and inhouse trainings in our academies are provided tirelessly so that our seafarers will always be updated with the latest technology & knowledge to deliver the best to our customers. 

Seafarer’s welfare is of paramount importance to us which intricately reflects our achievement of high retention rate of more than 95% across the fleet.

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