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Jun, 2018
KLSM SGP Receives Environmental Award - 05 Jun 2018 ...
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Apr, 2018
The 10th KLSM Seminar - 17 - 18 Apr 2018 ...
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Feb, 2018
NOAA award for NARW Protection - Feb 2018 ...
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Message from the Managing Director of KLSM Singapore, Mr. Fukuda Shoji

To begin, I would like to say that “Peace and Stability of Humankind” is our principle and will always continue to be so. In line with the principle, we “K”LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD proudly hold out to our own Mission and Policies.

I, Capt. Shoji FUKUDA joined “K” Line in 1982 as third mate on oil tanker. Then served on general cargo ship, container ship, gas carrier, bulk carrier and PCC and also taking up shore assignments intermittently. The past 33 years has shown me the dramatically changing sea trade circumstances, the world economy, also seaman’s life at the same time.

I was transferred to Singapore on 1st March 2011 as General Manger of Marine Department (QSHE, CREW and ATSI). In the afternoon of my 10th day in office here in Singapore, there was the big news headlines around the world…. It was the Great East Japan Earthquake. We could do nothing except watching television and internet news. Fortunately no KLSM vessel was affected.

We relocated our office to “The Octagon” at Cecil Street from Heritage Court at Peck Seah Street on 1st February this year 2015. Although the new office is on the 19th floor and our “Height of Eye” has significantly gone up from the previous 2nd floor due to that relocation, our eye towards personnel and ship safety is never changeable.

And now recently, I have taken over the position of Managing Director on 1st October 2015 with 13 container ships including newly build 14,000TEU vessel (MACKINAC BRIDGE) and 2 AFRAMAX Tankers. And another mega container ship MANHATTAN BRIDGE will soon be added to our fleet on 15th October.

Our mission is to offer the highest level of ship management service to its customers in the field of global maritime transportation, in a safe and environmentally sound way with a commitment towards continual improvement.

Needless to say, we have to achieve safe navigation and economical operation at all times. Therefore about 40 shore staff and over 700 seafarers in our fleet shall work together to fulfill our mission above and bring happiness to yourself, your family and friends around the world..

My best wishes to all of you and wish your safe voyages.

Warm Regards,
Capt.Shoji FUKUDA  
Managing Director  
KLSM Singapore